What is WIC?

The Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) provides supplemental foods, nutrition education, breastfeeding support and referrals to eligible clients. The supplemental foods are provided through authorized grocery stores. Each authorized vendor must have a contract in place with the ITCA WIC Program. The role of a WIC vendor is important to provide the best nutritional services to clients.  The ITCA WIC Program currently has about 148 authorized vendors throughout Arizona.

How do I become an authorized Vendor?

ITCA will authorize a limited number of vendors.  A limited number and appropriate distribution of vendors will assure that vendors are conveniently accessible to clients and that program staff can effectively monitor and ensure vendor compliance.

1. Vendor submits a completed WIC & SEBTC Application. The application requests the following information:

a. Price Stock Report

b. Invoices of formula purchases for the past 30 days (formula must be purchased from the Approved Infant Formula
Supplier List)

c. A copy of Health Operating Permit

2. ITCA will review the application and complete a needs assessment and ensure the vendor meets limiting selection criteria.

a. If needs assessment reflects no need for vendor in requested area, a denial letter will be sent within 90 days of application. If needs assessment reflects a need for a vendor, the application process will continue.

3. ITCA will complete an initial Vendor Site Review (on site visit) for new applicants only.

4. The vendor will receive an x9 number to begin working with their POS provider to accept eWIC.

5. The vendor must attend a mandatory training provided by the ITCA WIC Vendor Manager.

6. ITCA will do another on site visit to test eWIC capability and to complete a level 3 certification of the register. Authorization will not continue until the vendor receives a successful register certification.

7. Vendor is notified of approval of application within 90 days of a successful level 3 certification of their register. Contract is then sent to store/owner for signature.

*The vendor will not be authorized if ITCA cannot satisfactorily verify the information on the application or the vendor fails to participate in the scheduled training session, or if their POS device cannot be certified.

Click here to download the Authorization Process

Click here to download the FY22-24 Vendor Application

Click here to download the FY22-24 Vendor Application