File a Complaint or Report Fraud

Complaints against WIC staff or programs

The WIC staff at your local agency should treat you with respect and courtesy.  You should also be treated fair and equally.  If you feel you have not been treated appropriately, we encourage you to file a complaint by sending an email, completing this form or calling 602-258-4822.

Complaints against vendors

WIC vendors are committed to treating WIC customers with the same courtesy and respect as other customers.  The stores that you shop at should have a variety of the allowable foods that are fresh and of good quality.  If you feel that the store employees do not treat you fairly or if you are having a problem getting your WIC foods, we encourage you to let us know by sending an email, completing the reporting form or calling 602-258-4822 to report the complaint.

Reporting Fraud

If you suspect fraud or program abuse by an ITCA vendor, client or WIC staff person, send an email or call 602-258-4822. This email and phone number are only for reports of fraud against Inter Tribal Council of Arizona vendors, clients or WIC staff. To report fraud in other states, contact that state WIC program or USDA OIG at (800) 424-9121 or online.