Pueblo of Zuni

Introductory Information

The ancient homelands of the Zunis are along the middle reaches of the Zuni River where their cultural ancestors lived for centuries. Near the settlements and villages left by the ancient people, the Zuni Indians built compact villages of multi-storied houses. These were the towns seen by Coronado and his men and called them “Seven Cities” in the land of Cibola. The mythical Seven Cities of Cibola (Spanish word for “buffalo”) lured Coronado to the southwest in 1540, in a treasure quest.

For the last three hundred years, most of the Zunis had lived in a single village, the Pueblo of Zuni. Within the boundaries are smaller farming villages at Pescado, Nutria, and Ojo Caliente, which were established in the eighteenth century but which in more recent years have been occupied only during the time of planting and harvest. Beyond the boundaries of the reservation, there are ancient sites and areas, sacred points and shrines, and places of pilgrimage central to Zuni life and history.

Federally Recognized: 1877
Acreage: 463,287 acres
Population: 18,692
Peoples: Zuni (Ashiwi)

Government And Council Members Listing

  • Arden Kucate, Governor
  • Cordelia Hooee, Lieutenant Governor
  • Anthony Sanchez, Jr., Head Councilman
  • Ricky Penketewa, Sr., Councilman
  • Virginia Chavez, Councilwoman
  • Birdenda Sanchez, Councilwoman
  • Edward Wemytewa, Councilman
  • Shirley Bellson, Councilwoman

Public Relations


The Arizona portion of the Zuni Reservation is undergoing environmental restoration and is not open for tourist activities. The New Mexico portion of the Tribe provides numerous outdoor recreational activities including fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting.

Economic Development

A:shiwi A:wan Museum & Heritage Center
Pueblo of Zuni Arts & Crafts
Zuni Forest Products & Services Enterprise
Zuni Rental Enterprise
Zuni Cultural Resource Enterprise
Zuni Skies Unlimited
Zuni Technologies Inc
ZEE Incorporated

Special Tribal Events

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Pueblo of Zuni
PO Box 339
Zuni, NM 87327

Phone: (505) 782-7000
Fax: (505) 782-7202