Tribal Ombudsman Program

The primary responsibilities of long-term care ombudsmen (LTCO) are to resolve the concerns of individual residents and to voice their needs and advocate for changes on a systems level. Ombudsmen are resident advocates. Another major responsibility comes with the privilege and duty to represent residents. That is to exemplify ethical behavior and decision-making. Achieving the residents’ goals is essential. The process that LTCO follow in resolving concerns is also as important as the outcome. Because LTCO call on others to uphold confidentiality, resident’s rights, and professional standards, LTCO must meet the same standards.

Long-Term Care Ombudsmen are required to be advocate ombudsmen, representing and empowering residents to know there rights in a resident facility.

Resident rights are:

•The right of citizenship
•The right to dignity
•The right to privacy
•The right to personal property
•The right to information
•The right of freedom
•The right to care
•The right of residence
•The right of expression, complaints, and grievances without fear or reprisal

The Ombudsman Program exists to protect the human and civil rights of long-term care residents and to promote their autonomy through individual and collective advocacy efforts to enhance their quality of life in long term care settings. This mission statement requires diligence and commitment to improve the quality of life experience of Arizona’s institutionalized elderly residents.

The Ombudsman Program speaks 4 Tribal languages:

  • Tohono O’odham
  • Pascua Yaqui
  • Hopi
  • White Mountain Apache
  • Hispanic

If your language is not spoken the Ombudsman will work with you and your family to find someone to assist with language barriers.


Useful Links

Arizona Department of Economic Security – Adult Protective Services Website

Arizona Department of Health Services – AZ Care Check

Arizona Department of Economic Security – File a Grievance with DDD


Long Term Care Flyer

Tribal Ombudsman Poster Revised Final



Flor Olivas, AAA Tribal Ombudsman Specialist

2214 N. Central Ave., Ste. 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Phone: 602-258-4822
Fax: 602-258-4825