Nutrition Services

  • Congregate Meals: The majority of the AAA, Region 8 providers are providing congregate meal services.  These tribes offer nutritious meals that are 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for elders, their spouses, and disabled individuals in a congregate setting.
  • Home Delivered Meals: Home delivered meals, also known as Meals on Wheels, are provided to tribal elders and their spouses at their residence.  The client needs to be assessed by a tribal case manager and determined eligible to receive this service.
  • Nutrition Education: Elders and disabled individuals that participate at the senior center are provided nutrition education.  Each tribal provider utilizes resources in their own service area, such as a Diabetes Project or Indian Health Service program for education to elders about food preparation and the nutritional content of food items. The ITCA-AAA also provides nutrition education through the ITCA Diabetes Project.  This is offered quarterly at the Arizona Indian Council on Aging meetings, conferences, workshops, or as requested by tribal programs.