TEC Workshop Descriptions

Epidemiology Workshops

The ITCA Tribal Epi Center has developed and provides the workshops listed below to assist and support tribes in Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The workshop descriptions and agendas are provided below.

Description: This course introduces the basic principles of public health and epidemiology, the science of public health. Public health and epidemiology terms, definitions, and methods are provided. An overview of how public health surveillance can provide information to improve the health status of tribal communities is reviewed.

(1.5 days)

Description: Public health surveillance for injury is the tool public health agencies use to monitor injuries in their communities. Its purpose is to provide a fact based system from which agencies can appropriately set priorities, plan programs, and take actions to promote and protect the public’s health through injury control and prevention.

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Description: Participants learn how to design a program evaluation plan. This hands on workshop walks participants through identifying program stakeholders, identifying program outcomes, designing a project logic model, writing ‘SMART’ objectives, creating a work plan, and creating a budget and budget justification. The workshop also provides tools for designing a conceptual framework, program description, identifying program indicators, and designing an analysis plan.

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Description: This course establishes basic knowledge and experience in survey design, interviewer training, and program development. It is intended to aid program directors or coordinators in the collection of quality data for analysis in preparation for grant applications, grant progress assessment, and tribal presentations.

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Description: This course provides an introduction to public health surveillance systems and the management of data in these systems. The course addresses data management, analysis, and reporting using Epi Info™ and Microsoft (MS) Excel.

* Workshops in Fall 2013 will include updated Epi Info™ 7 information.

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Description: A Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a collaborative process that includes ongoing and systematic data collection, analysis, and dissemination of information on the health of a community. This training discusses potential benefits and challenges, and outlines a step-by-step CHA process that tribal health departments can follow in preparation for accreditation.

(1 day)

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