Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country


In 2019, the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc., (ITCA) was awarded a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant titled, “Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country”. The purpose of the grant is to assist American Indian communities in preventing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and associated risk factors, in their communities. Through this grant that will operate from 2019-2024, ITCA will provide leadership, resources, training, and technical assistance to American Indian tribes in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. By providing these services, ITCA will assist tribes in implementing a variety of clinical linkages that advance effective evidence-informed and culturally-adapted policies, systems, and environmental changes targeting one or more of the four strategic areas listed below.

Strategy Areas

  1. Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapted policy, system, and environmental (PSE) changes to prevent obesity;
  2. Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapted PSE to prevent and control commercial tobacco use;
  3. Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapted community-clinical linkages (CCL) to support type 2 diabetes prevention;
  4. Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapted CCL to support heart disease and stroke prevention.

1903 GHWIC grant strategies

Program Staff

Alida Montiel, Health and Human Services Director

Glenda Tovar, Health Promotion Coordinator

Madison Fulton, Health Promotion Specialist

Eric Hardy, Health Promotion Specialist

Vanessa Dodge, Program Evaluator