Social Services Consultation


ITCA provides consultation and liaison services to the twenty-one (21) tribal governments within the state and to the Department of Economic Security (DES) through intergovernmental coordination; training; and through the analysis and dissemination of information, including federal and state policies.


This program plans, develops and coordinates the following trainings:

  • Annual Indian Child and Family Conference
  • Tribal Child Protective Services Training Academy for tribal CPS staff.
  • Two-day training programs to ADES and tribal staff on the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

Tribal Working Group

The Human Services Program facilitates a Social Services working group comprised of representatives from the 22 Tribal Social Services Departments, Indian Health Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, ASU School of Social Work as well as other key interested human services programs.  Human Services Program staff will coordinate and conduct the working group meetings to discuss with tribal, state and federal staff policy issues impacting tribal programs.  The working group meetings afford tribal and state staff the opportunity to discuss, develop and present a tribal perspective on social services issues, concerns and needs.  The Social Services Working Group meets on a quarterly basis or on an “as needed” basis.



Gwenda Gorman, Health and Human Services Director

Verna Johnson, Human Services Project Manager