Budget Formulation

The Tribal Health Steering Committee for the Phoenix Area IHS organizes the annual consultation on the IHS budget and advocates for the priorities of the tribes to address critical access to health care issues throughout the formulation and appropriations process. Tribes in the Area also choose two leaders that serve on the National IHS Budget Formulation Work Group.

Fiscal Year 2020 IHS Budget Consultation

The Annual Phoenix Area Indian Health Service (IHS) Budget Formulation Meeting was held in Tempe, Arizona on November 28, 2017. Tribal Leaders and Tribal health directors in the Phoenix Area (Arizona, Nevada and Utah) met to develop the recommended budget for the fiscal year (FY) 2020 IHS budget request. Several tasks were accomplished at the one-day meeting. Area staff provided an overview of the budget formulation process and reviewed last year’s FY 2019 Tribal recommendations. The participants heard presentations on the 2017 enacted budget, on the 2018 President’s Budget Request and they had a significant discussion on hot topics and emerging issues in this region. The principle activity was dedicated to engagement with Tribal Leaders in order to develop both National and Area level FY2020 budget recommendations and the identification of the “priority” top ten line items.

The report includes:


Click on the following for the FY 2020 IHS Budget Recommendations from Phoenix Area Indian Health Service slide presentation:

Phoenix Area Report Slide Presentation FY 2020


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