Technical Assistance

ITCA Tribal Water and Wastewater Technical Assistance to Tribal Communities

About Tribal Water System Program Technical Assistance Services

The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA) Tribal Water System Program is dedicated to providing technical assistance to tribes in order to develop technical, managerial, and financial capacity (TMF), as well as water & wastewater utility sustainability through education, access to resources, training, and technical assistance. The program partners with federal agencies and other organizations to ensure these services are available to Tribal water utility operators and managers.

ITCA consultant subject-matter experts and staff are available to assist utility personnel and  decision makers with a variety of technical, managerial, and financial issues relating to operation of community water and wastewater systems. This assistance can involve onsite visits to your facility, or it can be accomplished virtually through web-based platforms, as well as phone and email communication. Please see the ITCA Tribal Water Systems Technical Assistance Request Form below. Let us know how we can help!

Examples of Technical Assistance Services We Offer

• SDWA & CWA Compliance Assistance
• Monitoring Frequency Voucher Applications
• Pumps, Motors, & Controls
• System Capacity and Sustainability
• System Evaluation – Sanitary Survey Preparation
• Sampling, Monitoring, and Laboratory Testing
• Grant and Loan Applications
• Capital Improvement Plans & Asset Management
• Budgets, Rates, and Reserves
• Emergency Response Planning
• Utility Ordinances & Policies
• Vulnerability Assessment/Source Water Protection
• Wastewater Treatment & Collections
• Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution

Want to learn more?

Download the ITCA Tribal Water Systems Technical Assistance Fact Sheet

Request ITCA Tribal Water System Program Technical Assistance

To request technical assistance, simply download and print the TWS- TA Request form pdf below and send it to us by email or fax.  A technical assistance provider will contact you to schedule an appointment.  An online request form will be available soon.

Download the ITCA Tribal Water Systems Technical Assistance Request Form

Contact ITCA Tribal Water Systems Program for additional information

ITCA is ready to provide you with onsite or virtual technical assistance regarding water and wastewater system issues. These services are provided free of charge while funding is available. If you would like more information, or if your system is experiencing technical, managerial, financial, or compliance issues, please contact the ITCA Tribal Water Systems Program at: Phone: (602) 258-4822; Fax: (602) 258-4825; by mail at 2214 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004; or by email at:

Bruce Robinson, TWS Technical Assistance Program Manager


The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


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