AITTF Projects

The Trust Fund funded, in whole or in part, the following construction projects, programs and other infrastructure and equipment purchases for Tribes.

Ak-Chin Indian Community

  • Construction of recreation and aquatic center
  • Construction of community preschool

Cocopah Tribe

  • Construction and furnishing of group home
  • Teaching and training of students on life-strategies
  • Training students to use high-tech equipment
  • Equipment, staffing and training for Community Center
  • Furnishings, equipment and operating supplies for educational and cultural training

Colorado River Indian Tribes

  • Development of Ahakhav Preserve
  • Development and enhancement of Environmental Education Program
  • Enhanced education and social service programs
  • Development of Wilderness Challenge for at-risk youth

Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation

  • Construction and furnishing of education department
  • Childcare facility expansion
  • Development and staffing of Yavapai Language Program
  • Establishing a computer center for children
  • Purchase of computers for Day School Programs

Fort Mojave Tribe

  • Design and construction of a high school
  • Construction of childcare facility
  • Construction of a library
  • Site preparation and parking lot for gymnasium

Gila River Indian Community

  • Provide counseling services to youth
  • Supplement social and educational program for children
  • Facility improvements and repairs

Havasupai Tribe

  • Construction of teachers’ quarters
  • Construction of Head Start and day care center

Hopi Tribe

  • Development of community youth resources
  • Development of Hopi Language Preservation and Education Plan
  • Training of teachers and paraprofessionals at schools

Hualapai Tribe

  • Construction of Head Start Center
  • Support of Youth Camp Education Center

Kaibab Paiute Tribe

  • Construction of community center and park
  • Support of tribal community building

Pascua Yaqui Tribe

  • Provide counseling services to youth
    • Provide social and cultural activities to children
    • Establishment of a Children and Youth Services Division
    • Supplement education and child welfare programs

Quechan Tribe

  • Construction of multipurpose education complex
  • Supplement tutoring program and cultural awareness programs
  • Support computer lab
  • Support school-based daycare program
  • Support community-based learning centers and libraries

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

  • Grants to community organizations to address the needs of children

San Carlos Apache Tribe

  • Construction of Head Start/Apache Kid Child Care Facility
  • Increase capacity of Child Protective Services
  • Buses for the Head Start Program

Tohono O’Odham Nation

  • Increase capacity of the Child Welfare Division/Child Protective Services

Tonto Apache Tribe

  • Construction and furnishing of a youth center
  • Support of education and tutoring for youth

White Mountain Apache Tribe

  • Summer Youth Camp renovations
  • Support of summer youth camp activities
  • Creation of GED Program
  • Re-establishment of Youth Council

Yavapai Apache Nation

  • Construction of Clover Leaf Ranch Youth Center
  • Supplemented education, social services and cultural preservation programs

Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe

  • Construction of community gathering hall
  • Construction of tribal resources building to provide services for children