BRAVE Study presented by We R Native


We R Native is making a monumental push to enroll 1,500 American Indian/Alaska Native teens and young adults nationwide (15-24 years old) to participate in a study that will evaluate the impact of its text messaging service.

Youth who enroll will be randomized to receive either:

  • 8 weeks of BRAVE videos and text messages, designed to improve mental health, help-seeking skills, and promote cultural pride and resilience, or
  • 8 weeks of STEM videos and text messages, designed to elevate and re-affirm Native voices in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine.

Afterwards, the two groups will switch and participants will receive the other set of messages.

Eligibility. Youth must be:

  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 15-24 years old
  • Live in the United States
  • Able to receive text messages on their phone

Please encourage students in your community to join the study by November 9th. We have two easy options for students to enroll:

  1. Eligible youth can enroll themselves by texting: BRAVE to 97779
  2. Tribal Schools and Colleges can enroll a larger group of students by showing a 15 minute video: At the end of the video students will be instructed to text BEGIN to 97779, which will direct them to the pre-survey. Students will complete the pre-survey on their phones – approximately 10 minutes. (You will need: a video player, audio, and students will need their own cell phones.) Altogether, the session take 30-40 minutes.

What to Expect. Eligible youth will receive the text messages in the evenings. Participants will receive $40.00 for completing 4 surveys over 9 months.

Recruitment: We are mostly recruiting via our social media channels – if you wouldn’t mind sharing We R Native’s posts via your networks. We also have print materials and swag prizes that we can fast-track to you, if you have events in Oct and early November where young adults will be present. If so, please send me your mailing address and the number of youth you plan to recruit.

For more information about the BRAVE study, please visit:

To protect participants, our study protocol has been reviewed by the Portland Area (PA) Indian Health Services’ (IHS) Institutional Review Board (IRB) [1384639], a tribal committee responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of research participants and NW tribal members. If you have any concerns about your rights as a participant, please contact Thomas Weiser, MD, MPH, at 1-877-664-0604. Dr. Weiser is Co-chair of the PA IHS IRB, that reviewed this project.

School Informational Flier - BRAVE Study

Flyer: “Raising Healthy Native Youth”

Includes the Healthy Native Youth Specialist’s contact information

HNY flyer 2019