The purpose of the transportation program is to expand consultation, coordination and cooperation between the Tribes in Arizona, Nevada and Utah and the federal, state and local transportation agencies.  The activities of this program are coordinated through the ITCA Transportation Working Group.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Monitor, review and comment on transportation initiatives, regulations and policies.
  • Advocate for expanded tribal consultation, cooperation and coordination.
  • Provide access to and exchange transportation related information with tribal transportation representatives.
  • Encourage tribal, federal, state and local collaboration and, as needed, involve elder, economic development, education, housing, law enforcement, cultural resources, environment, health, emergency response, court, and planning departments within the Tribes.
  • Coordinate the ITCA Transportation Working Group (ITWG), ITWG Task Forces, Tribal Transportation Caucus and the Tribal Leaders’ Transportation Working Group.