Tribal Utility Management Certification – Level 1 (TUMC-1)

For Tribal Water and Wastewater Utility Personnel

The purpose of the Tribal Utility Management Certification – Level 1 (TUMC-1) is to create a standardized pathway for Tribal water professionals to advance into and ascend through the field of water and wastewater utility management.  The TUMC-1 is designed specifically for experienced Tribal water/wastewater utility professionals that are newly entering into utility program management.  The TUMC-1 professional certification is a voluntary mechanism that can be used to strengthen one’s career as well as the credibility and integrity of Tribal water utility programs.

Testing for TUMC-1 is available during the current Year-Round Computer-Based Testing, which is available from January 7, 2019 through December 28, 2019, at over 300 regional testing centers. Click the link below to register and apply.

Click Here: 2019 Computer-Based Testing Period (Year-Round): Announcement and Registration

Click Here: Application for Tribal Utility Management

Please contact our office for more information by phone at (602) 258-4822.

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