WIC Supply Orders

ITCA WIC Supply orders are completed for local agencies in even months:

Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec

 Deadline: Supply orders will be due the 1st of the month and no later than the 5th the month.

Here are some tips for ordering supplies:

Only order the amount of supplies that you need for the 2-month period for which you are ordering.

2. Please be sure you are using the most current order form, which is always available on the website. It is updated frequently.  (http://itcaonline.com/?page_id=1094)

3. Keep your inventory of supplies organized and in one place so you can easily determine if additional supplies are needed.

4. Review your inventory when completing the order form so you only order supplies that are needed.

5. To ensure inventory stock is available to fill all agency orders, submit your supply orders by the indicated deadline.  Orders received after the deadline will be filled last and may be subject to low stock inventory and/or may result in unavailable product.

7. Once you have submitted your order, ITCA will review your order form to insure that the quantities of materials requested reflects your agency’s needs.

8. Unpack your supplies soon after you receive them to ensure all items are accounted for so they can be placed in your inventory right away.

9. Contact ITCA WIC Administrative Assistant for questions regarding supplies not received, incorrect supplies received or other concerns.

10. If you do not need any supplies, you do not have to place an order.

Supply Order Form FY 2021

Fax or email order forms to WIC Administrative Assistant at (602) 258-4825 (fax) or email at jennifer.roubideaux@itcaonline.com