Contact Us

For eWIC/SEBTC Automated Customer Service call: 1-844-892-2933

For the ITCA SEBTC program staff call: 1-866-359-0007 or email

Contact the eWIC/SEBTC Automated Customer Service if you need help with any of the following: 

  • My card was lost, stolen or damaged.
  • I need to set or change my pin.
  • I need to check my benefit balance.

Contact the ITCA SEBC program staff if you’re experiencing any of the follow issues:

  • I need a replacement card.
  • I locked my account and need it unlocked.
  • I don’t think my receipt matches what I purchased.
  • I wasn’t able to buy a food I think is WIC/SEBTC approved.
  • I need help finding a store that accepts SEBTC benefits.
  • I have questions about my SEBTC benefits.  SEBTC picture3