The ITCA Diabetes Nutrition Coordinator provides technical assistance to tribal diabetes programs in Arizona, Nevada and Utah. This includes assistance in the areas of nutrition and physical activity, diabetes prevention, diabetes program development and evaluation for American Indian communities. The Coordinator works with the IHS/Tribal dietitians and nutritionists working in the Phoenix Area to survey training needs and develop a bi-annual area wide nutrition meeting.

The Coordinator also communicates with Tribes regarding available training, conferences, meetings, and recent news related to nutrition and diabetes especially with regard to the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI).

The following are the activities of the program:

  1. Coordinating tribal activities and training in support of nutrition and diabetes program;
  2. Working with the Phoenix Area IHS to prepare and arrange for consultation regarding IHS diabetes grants;
  3. Consulting with tribal diabetes program staff and community representatives regarding training of paraprofessional diabetes educators;
  4. Assisting tribal governments and tribal diabetes program staff so that they are informed and have input on national policy changes with regard to the IHS Diabetes Program and other Tribal and IHS diabetes-related programs within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services;
  5. Providing technical assistance in the areas of nutrition and diabetes related programs areas


Alida Montiel, Health Policy Analyst