Limit Sugar Drinks

July 2019

As temperatures rise, so does our thirst. But be aware of what you’re guzzling down. Sugar sweetened beverages come in many forms; soda, fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, sweetened waters, and coffee and tea beverages with added sugars. Sugary drinks increase the risk of: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and cavities so it matters how much we are putting into our bodies. Experts recommend that kids have less than 6 teaspoons of added sugars daily. Check out the infographic below for how much sugar is in some of your child’s drinks. This summer, let’s work to increase water consumption and decrease consumption of sugar sweetened beverages!

American Heart Association Infographic
Limit Sugary Drinks Infographic
Healthy Drink Replacements for Sugar Drinks Infographic
Body Water Infograhic