Tribal Motor Vehicle Crash Injury Prevention Project (TMVCIPP)

Vision Statement

The elimination of all unintentional motor vehicle crash injuries and fatalities among American Indians, on and off tribal lands, by addressing environmental, behavioral, and political factors that influence these events.

Mission Statement

To assist Tribes within the Phoenix and Tucson Indian Health Service Areas with building injury prevention program capacity by supporting the development of, or improvements to, infrastructure in surveillance, prevention, and evaluation information, for planning and motor vehicle crash and injury prevention policy decision making.


To build Tribally-driven motor vehicle crash injury prevention capacity within the Phoenix and Tucson Indian Health Service Areas, in order to improve American Indian health and well-being.


FINAL_Truck_Tractor_Crash_Analysis_AZThe purpose of the Truck Tractor Trailer Crash Analysis Report is to examine the impact of truck tractor trailer (TTT) motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) that occurred on Tribal lands in Arizona, 2009-2013. The primary focus is to describe the burden of injury and fatality due to TTT MVCs and identify opportunities for interventions to reduce the burden of morbidity and mortality from TTT MVCs on Tribal lands in Arizona. The data included all reports of MVCs in Arizona that were filed by law enforcement with the ADOT from 2009 to 2013.

FINAL_Tractor_Trailer_Crash_Analysis_in_AZ_2009-2013The Truck Tractor Crash Analysis presentation summarized MVC factors identified in the Truck Tractor Trailer Crash Analysis Report, and linked the MVC topic with the increase of current and future TTT traffic in Arizona.




Esther Corbett, Project Manager