Arizona Water Atlas

Did you ever want to know:

●      The amount of groundwater used in the Verde River Basin?

●      The hydrogeology of the Little Colorado River Plateau Basin?

●      How much of the land in the Pinal Active Management Area (AMA) is tribal land?

●      The amount of groundwater estimated to be stored in the Yuma Basin?

●      The annual flow of Chinle Creek at Mexican Hat?

If so, you can find answers to all these questions, as well as many thousands more, in the Arizona Water Atlas.

The Atlas has been developed by the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). In ADWR’s words, the purposes of the Atlas are to:

●      “Provide a comprehensive overview of regional water supply and demand conditions that has not been available on a statewide basis for over ten years;

●      “Identify water resource issues facing Arizona communities;

●      “Identify missing information and how information access could be improved; and

●      “Initiate a renewed and more systematic effort by the Department to assist Arizona water planning efforts and develop solutions.”

The Atlas divides the state into seven Planning Areas, each composed of one or more groundwater basins. There is an overview for each Planning Area. This is followed by details on each basin, including the land ownership, climate, surface water resources, groundwater resources, water quality and water demand by sector (municipal, industrial and agricultural). There is also information on the decisions made by ADWR on the water supply for subdivisions under the Assured Water Supply and Adequate Water Supply programs.

ADWR says that it compiled the data from over 60 sources, many within ADWR and some from the US Geological Survey and studies made by other agencies.

When completed, the Atlas will have nine extensive volumes. Those covering the Eastern Plateau, Southeastern Arizona, Upper Colorado River, Central Highlands, Western Plateau and Lower Colorado River Planning Areas are available now in final form. A draft volume is available for the Active Management Areas (AMAs). An Executive Summary is in preparation, and a volume on Arizona water sustainability is expected some time this year.

Volumes of the Arizona Water Atlas can be downloaded from the ADWR Web site at:

Volumes can also be requested on CD by contacting Linda Stitzer at ADWR. Her e-mail


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