Community Development
Specific programs highlight community development strategies for infrastructure developments within the reservations. Among these initiatives are collaborative measures to plan, build and maintain safe multimodal transportation systems as well as a Weatherization Assistance Program in a focused effort to offset the cost of utility bills in low-income homes. Click here to learn more
Emergency Preparedness and Response
There are two programs (HMEP and NIMS) with similar but unique objectives that serve to assist tribes with planning, preparing, and responding to emergency situations. These programs provide training and technical assistance to tribes in the area of Tribal Emergency Response Commission (TERC) development, emergency plans development, exercising emergency plans, and training first responders on uniform national response procedures and protocols. Click here to learn more
Environmental Quality Programs
The Environmental Quality Programs operate a number of programs and projects that serve to build the capacity of tribal environmental programs. The staff provides technical assistance and training, assists with policy development, and assists with research and analysis. As a result, the programs assist tribal environmental programs in protecting their environments and safe guarding human health. Click here to learn more
Health Programs
ITCA Health Programs assist Tribes to create healthy communities through capacity building and technical assistance in the areas of health policy, program development, and training. Some of the specific health disparities that affect American Indians that Tribes are addressing include behavioral health issues, diabetes and other chronic diseases, oral health, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Click here to learn more
Human Services
The human services programs incorporate a model of networking to effectively and comprehensively address the human, family and social services needs of the tribes. The human services programs seek to pave the way for a stronger community by strengthening the family by instilling a sense of collaboration and cooperation between tribal early childhood services, workforce employment & training and social/family services. Click here to learn more
Epidemiology & Research
Various research and evaluation projects aim to address health disparities among American Indian populations through research and community education programs. These efforts encourage community based tribally driven health research initiatives in order to improve the overall health of the community while contributing to the collection, analysis and distribution of data on the reservations. Click here to learn more
Senior Services
With a strong focus on health promotion and abuse prevention, elder services offer the necessary resources for the aging population of the reservation. By informing officials of the specific conditions of the elderly, appropriate policies can be developed that encourage physical health, disease prevention, and independent living support services. Click here to learn more
WIC is a nutrition program that helps families feed their children healthy foods. WIC provides nutrition information, healthy foods, and help accessing health care to moderate to low-income families. The program is available to families with pregnant women, new mothers, and children under the age of five. Click here to learn more
Special Programs and Initiatives
Member Tribes take action to establish programs addressing issues of importance to their communities. Tribes recognize the need to protect invaluable cultural resources and therefore established the ITCA Cultural Resources Working Group to advance tribal public policy concerns with key stakeholders. Click here to learn more