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Beat the Heat! Stay Hydrated!

Arizona is one of the hottest places on earth from May to September which makes heat related illness very common during these months. Over 1,500 deaths from exposure to excessive natural heat have occurred in Arizona from 2000 to 2012. Anyone can be affected by heat-related illness but children under 4 years of age are at an even greater risk. One of the best ways to prevent heat related illness is to stay hydrated. The amount of water someone needs is variable depending on age, heat exposure, activity and other factors. Everyone should drink enough water to quench their thirst, however in extreme heat; we may forget to drink enough water. Most people will need at least 8-10 cups of water under normal conditions. More water may be needed if it is hot and the person is active. Try to minimize alcohol and caffeine intake because these drink may dehydrate you more. Offer kids water instead of sugary beverages such as juice, soda, Gatorade, kool-aid, and sweet tea.

Heat-related illness usually comes in stages. The signal of the first stage is thirst. Drinking water at this stage can prevent you from progressing to the more serious kinds of heat related illnesses. When temperatures are on the rise, watch for these other symptoms of heat related illness:
• Thirst, dry mouth and skin
• Headache
• Dizziness and confusion
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Less frequent urination
• Increased heart rate
Check out the following resources to stay cool this summer and stay hydrated.

Stay Hydrated Infographic

Hydration- What you need to know

Hydration- Why It’s so Important

WIC services begin at NACA in Flagstaff

Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) began offering WIC services in Flagstaff on June 28, 2016! Call 928-773-1245 for an appointment or visit them at 1500 E. Cedar Ave, Suite 26 in Flagstaff.

New WIC client video now available!

ITCA is pleased to announce that videos are now available in English and Spanish to help new WIC clients learn about WIC and how to use WIC benefits!

Check out the videos here!

Information for Bidders

ITCA Contractual Provisions

Invitation for Public Comment on WIC

ITCA is holding its annual public comment period for WIC from June 11, 2015 to July 10, 2015. You are invited to comment on the program and to assist in identifying opportunities to improve services.
Invitation for Public Comment

Yogurt and Whole Wheat Pasta, Fresh Fruit and Veggies for Infants, now available on WIC!

Effective April 1, 2015, ITCA WIC added yogurt and whole wheat pasta to the foods available on WIC! Women and children participating in WIC will be able to purchase a 32 ounce container of a variety of plain or flavored yogurt. Loaded with calcium, vitamin D and protein, yogurt can be used for parfaits with fruit and cereal, as a dip for fruit or as a topping to tacos. Whole wheat pasta will be allowed as an option in addition to the whole wheat bread or tortillas, corn tortillas or brown rice currently offered. Whole wheat pasta is loaded with fiber and is so versatile- it can be used in soups, macaroni salads or pasta dishes.

Parents will be happy to hear that babies 9 months and older will have the option to receive a check for up to $8 in fresh fruit and veggies if their child is developmentally ready for finger foods! This allows parents to provide appropriate foods for their baby’s age.
Whole Wheat Pasta with Vegetables and CheeseYogurt parfait

WIC: Strengthening Families for 40 Years


We are happy to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of WIC! WIC is one of our country’s most important public health programs, and it has enriched the lives of millions of families over the years. WIC improves birth outcomes, reduces infant mortality, and prepares kids for learning.

We are excited to join with the National WIC Association in this celebration by sharing the video and print materials they created to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of WIC. They have developed short animated videos and print pieces to help illustrate what WIC does and how it helps strengthen families. Go to WICturns40.org to view these amazing materials.

ITCA WIC 40th Anniversary Proclamation


Fresh Bananas coming to WIC for infants!

The new food rule released in May 2014 by USDA allows WIC to provide bananas to infants as a substitute for a portion of the allowed baby foods. ITCA will begin issuing checks with bananas on October 1, 2014.

Fresh bananas are being added to address the changing developmental needs over time.  Fresh bananas allow parents to provide the appropriate texture for the baby depending on the age and needs of the baby.

Click here for more information.

Analysis of Crashes Occurring on Tribal Lands in Arizona

Analysis of Crashes Occurring on Tribal Lands in Arizona

Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan


Regional Water Meetings and Events

Information coming soon!

Training Materials

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In Community Spirit Events

Please visit http://www.aids.gov/awareness-days/#event-calendar to see a list of national awareness days.

Also get tips on planning an awareness day in your community, including downloading promotional materials for your event.

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